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I planned on attending AIIAS two years ago but was offered a job that I could not resist. I was happy and surprised when I found out that AIIAS had an online degree. . . . I feel that now I am gaining the appropriate training both academically and experience wise. I feel that studying for this degree has helped me to see and understand better the work experience I am having.

Geoffrey McRae
(Vietnam, MAEd student)

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How to Participate in the Online Week of Prayer

The online week of prayer (WOP) can be accessed through this website. Note that log in to this website is done mainly through Google accounts. If you don’t have a Google account, please email (online@aiias.edu) us so we can give you special access to the WOP. Please follow these instructions in accessing the WOP.

Engaged to Mission

Engaged to Mission


Do you know what’s coming up by the end of this term? It’s our online week of prayer once again. March 12-17, 2018—Mark your calendars, take a break from all academic work, and prepare to participate in this week of spiritual gathering by all online students from around the world to glorify God’s name.


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