AIIAS Code of Academic Integrity

Exhibiting, promoting, and protecting academic integrity is the responsibility and privilege of every member of the AIIAS community. Academic integrity is a core value of this institution, and honesty in all academic situations is an extension of personal integrity, which is expected of any Christian.

Any breach of academic integrity is a serious offense at AIIAS because it undermines trust between members of the community and deceives those who may eventually depend upon our knowledge and integrity. Academic dishonesty consists of

  1. Fabrication or falsification of documents, including signing another person’s name
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Violation of copyright law or licensing agreements (including photocopying materials without permission or illegally copying software)
  4. Using speech, text, or media to deceive or defraud
  5. Presenting another person’s work as one’s own (including having someone write a paper for you)
  6. Accessing copies of the exam before it is given, or receiving inappropriate assistance during an examination.
  7. Providing others with answers, or other inappropriate assistance on homework, research, or examinations.

AIIAS is committed to the highest principles of honesty, trust, and accountability. Because academic dishonesty undermines student learning, it is subject to serious disciplinary action. If it is discovered at a later date, these may be applied retroactively. When a case of academic dishonesty is discovered, whether the student was giving or receiving inappropriate assistance, a record of the situation will be placed in the student’s file in their respective school. Possible disciplinary actions include denial of admission, a warning from a teacher, a reduced or failing grade for an assignment or a course, or even suspension or dismissal from the institution.

A serious breach of academic integrity is plagiarism. Students discovered to have plagiarized written work will receive a failing grade for the plagiarized assignment. Submission of a paper prepared by another person, however, carries a penalty of a grade of F for the course, regardless of high achievements in other components of the course requirements. Sanctions may also be applied to the one who wrote the paper, even if he/she was not attending the same class.

Honesty is a way of life for a Christian. Transparency, respect for the work of others, and personal academic integrity should be carefully demonstrated by both professors and students in every campus activity.

(Source: Academic Bulletin 2010-2012, pages 38-39)


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