Education Schedule of Course Offerings

Course NumberCourse TitleTerm
EDAD 601 Supervision of InstructionQ1-2010
EDCI 610 Classroom ManagementQ2-2010
EDCI 625 Instructional MediaQ3-2010
EDCI 615 Instructional ModelsQ4-2010
RESM 520 Academic WritingQ4-2010
EDAD 674 Legal Aspects of EducationQ1-2011
EDCI 620 Foundations of CurriculumQ1-2011
EDAD 651 Principalship and School ImprovementQ2-2011
EDRM618 Research Methods & Statistical ApplicationsQ3-2011
EDRM 615 StatisticsQ3-2011
RESM 520 Academic WritingQ4-2011
EDCI 640 Process of CurriculumQ4-2011
EDUC 502 Foundations of Christian EducationQ1-2012
EDUC 624 Faith and Learning in Christian EducationQ2-2012
EDAD 640 Administrative FinanceQ3-2012
EDCI 632 Inclusive InstructionQ3-2012
EDUC 505 Christian Leadership and EthicsQ4-2012
RESM 520 Academic WritingQ4-2012
RESM 610 Research MethodsQ1-2013
EDAD 601 Supervision of InstructionQ2-2013
EDCI 610 Classroom ManagementQ3-2013
RESM 520 Academic WritingQ4-2013
EDCI 625 Instructional MediaQ4-2013
EDCI 615 Instructional ModelsQ1-2014
EDAD 651 Principalship and School ImprovementQ2-2014
EDAD 674 School Organization and LawQ3-2014
EDRM 615 StatisticsQ4-2014
EDCI 640 Process of CurriculumQ1-2015
EDUC 502 Foundations of Christian EducationQ2-2015
RESM 520 Academic WritingQ4-2015
EDAD 640 Administrative FinanceQ4-2015
EDCI 632 Inclusive InstructionQ4-2015
RESM 610 Research MethodsQ2-2016
EDAD 601 Supervision of InstructionQ3-2016
EDTE 580 Advanced Grammar for English Language TeachingQ3-2016
EDCI 610 Classroom ManagementQ4-2016
EDTE 528 TESOL Methods in Speaking and ListeningQ4-2016
EDCI 625 Instructional MediaQ1-2017
EDCI 615 Instructional ModelsQ2-2017
EDRM 615 StatisticsQ3-2017
EDTE 620 Second Language AcquisitionQ3-2017
EDAD 651 Principalship and School ImprovementQ3-2017
EDAD 674 School Organization and LawQ4-2017
EDTE 622 TESOL Methods for Content-Area Reading and WritingQ4-2017
RESM 520 Academic WritingQ4-2017
EDCI 620 Foundations of CurriculumQ1-2018
EDUC 502 Foundations of Christian EducationQ2-2018
EDUC 624 Faith and Learning in Christian EducationQ3-2018
EDTE 630 PragmaticsQ3-2018
EDCI 640 Process of CurriculumQ3-2018
EDAD 640 Institutional FinanceQ3-2018

*Schedule is subject to change without prior notice.  For more information email online[at]aiias[dot]edu. 


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