Ethical Standards for Online Students
  1. Online students are expected to respect each member of the class, regardless of gender, race or religion; hence, utmost care should be observed in using culturally sensitive words.
  2. Class discussion forums are not to be used as a venue to air out negative feelings against anyone in the class or to the institution as a whole. Students are encouraged to communicate with persons concerned privately.
  3. Confidential information may be shared in the process of personal introductions or in building learning communities in the online classes. Each class member is expected to refrain from using such information for personal benefit, like soliciting, selling, or the like.
  4. Students should never be involved in the selection of their examination proctors. Such men and women are carefully selected by AIIAS through denominational channels around the world. If, for lack of information, the chosen proctor is related to the student (relative, friend, co-worker, direct work supervisor, or subordinate), it is the responsibility of the student to inform AIIAS Online of the relationship and hence the need to find another proctor.
  5. Students are prohibited from giving gifts or any favor to their examination proctors, neither are they allowed to bargain, plea, nor ask for a waiver of the proctor fee.
  6. Because of time differences, online examinations may not happen at the same time for all students in a class. Students are then prohibited from sharing examination questions and answers to their classmates. Cheating can be a reason for a failing mark in class or even suspension or expulsion from the institution.
  7. Every student is expected to uphold the AIIAS Code of Academic Integrity as stated in the Academic Bulletin (pp. 38-39) and the Academic Honesty policy as stated in all course outlines. Ignorance of the policy does not excuse anyone from the consequences of academic dishonesty.

AIIAS is a graduate level institution managed by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists based in Maryland, USA

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