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Engaged to Mission


Do you know what’s coming up by the end of this term? It’s our online week of prayer once again. March 12-17, 2018—Mark your calendars, take a break from all academic work, and prepare to participate in this week of spiritual gathering by all online students from around the world to glorify God’s name.

The theme of this year’s week of prayer is Engaged to Mission. Yes, we are created for a mission and, as such, ought to be engaged to mission. There is that strong attachment between us and God’s call for us to be His ambassadors. As Ellen White emphasized, “we should now feel the responsibility of laboring with intense earnestness to impart to others the truths that God has given for this time. . . . Now is the time for the last warning to be given” (Evangelism 16.4).

The highlights of this event are chosen speakers who have been involved in mission from various fields of endeavor—health, business, education, and those in the church organization. We will also be showcasing the mission activities of some of our online students in different countries. You will also be blessed through the usual features of our online week of prayer, such as:

Reflections Forum – sharing thoughts about God’s message for the day

Prayer Garden – praying for and with each other

My Story – sharing testimonies about mission experiences

Call-a-Friend – simply talking to a friend or if you need a shoulder to cry on

We are also planning to have a real time meet up through a videoconference, so we can get to know more friends in other programs. Instructions on how to participate in all these activities will be posted in this page soon.

Let God’s name be glorified through the messages, songs, prayers, and all the experiences of fellow online students during this week of spiritual refreshing. Resolve to set aside time to participate virtually.


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