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Attendance and participation in the Online Week of Prayer can be as easy as clicking your computer keyboard. Being a web-based activity, attendance can be anytime of the day anywhere you are in the world. You can listen to God’s messages, participate in prayer circles, or discuss with other participants as you are moved by the Holy Spirit. To benefit more fully from this worship, it is highly recommended that you select the best time of your day when you can focus solely on God.

This Week of Prayer is designed to create an interactive form of worship, not merely listening to a video or audio message. After listening to each message, you are encouraged to participate actively in the accompanying interactions as you reflect on those messages. Then, let’s pray for each other. Special prayer leaders were asked to pray for the prayer requests that have been submitted early. Although these prayers have been pre-recorded, you can still post your prayer requests so others can pray for you. Join the Prayer Circle and experience the blessings of praying for others and of being prayed for.

If you need someone to talk to, or just need a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on, some AIIAS professors have volunteered their time and you can contact them privately in our Call a Friend section. Then, as you receive God’s blessings, you are requested to share your testimonies so God’s name will be lifted up and others could be inspired as well.

To begin your participation, follow these instructions. Once inside the week of prayer website, the first step is to go to the Personal Introductions forum (also found below the banner) to introduce yourself. Take this opportunity to welcome and know your fellow travelers in this week’s journey. Then, you can go (scroll down) to the first topic of the series by clicking its banner.

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Conquer your Giants and Be a Winner

As human beings, we face a lot of giants—fears, negative circumstances, weaknesses, frustrations, etc.—but victory over these giants is well within our reach. Make a decision today to participate in the upcoming online week of prayer on March 13 to 18, 2017 and learn the secrets of a victorious life.

Aptly themed CONQUERING THE GIANTS: Ancient Secrets for a Victorious Living, you will be inspired by the lives of selected Bible characters who conquered giants similar to those we also face in the 21st century. It is hoped that these stories will enrich us all with a deeper meaning, a clearer purpose, and a brighter outlook in life.

This event is specially designed for a unique worship experience of anyone from anywhere around the world. Indeed, with technology, distance need not be a hindrance for God’s people to gather together as a family—to listen to His words, strengthen one another, and pray for each other.

Let’s have a date together and with God on March 13 to 18 on this site. May God be glorified!

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