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Curriculum 2014-2016

The curriculum for the MA in Education - Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis consists of a total of 40 semester credits, distributed in the following manner:

Core Courses 14
EDCI 625
Instructional Media
EDUC 502Foundations of Christian Education3
EDUC 505Christian Leadership & Ethics3
EDUC 624Faith & Learning in Christian Education3
GSGS 501Academic Writing2
Major Field of Concentration: Curriculum & Instruction
(Required courses)
EDCI 610
Classroom Management3
EDCI 615Advanced Instructional Strategies3
EDCI 620Foundations of Curriculum3
EDCI 632Inclusive Instruction3
EDCI 640
Process of Curriculum3
(One of the following electives)
EDAD 601Supervision of Instruction3
EDAD 640Administrative Finance3
EDAD 650
Human Resource Management
EDAD 651Principalship & School Improvement3
EDAD 674Legal Aspects of Education 3

Research and Statistics
EDRM 610 Research Methods
EDRM 615 Statistics

Culminating Phase
The MA Education student selects one of the following three culminating modalities:
EDCI/EDUC 694MA Project3
EDCI/EDUC 698MA Thesis*
A comprehensive examination and one additional elective course, chosen in consultation with the program director 3
Total hours required41-44

AIIAS is a graduate level institution managed by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists based in Maryland, USA

Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Lalaan I, Silang, Cavite 4118, Philippines