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Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity is an internationally recognized degree for Pastoral Ministry. MDiv (Online) is intended for those who already have an undergraduate background of ministerial studies. As such, this program is composed of 72 semester-hours of study. This online modality is designed for working pastors so only five courses are offered each year, with each course being studied in eight to nine weeks. The normal duration of this program is less than five (5) years, plus any time needed to meet AIIAS English proficiency, prerequisites or other requirements.

MDiv may also be earned by Master of Ministry (MMin) graduates of AIIAS as an upgrade program. Since MMin is 36 credits or 50% of the MDiv (Online) curriculum, an MDiv upgrade may consist of the remaining 36 credits of courses that were not taken in the MMin program. The normal duration of the upgrade is three years, plus any time needed to meet prerequisites or other requirements.

Admission Requirements

  1. Hold a baccalaureate degree in religion from a recognized institution with a minimum GPA of 2.50 (or equivalent) or 72 semester hours in religion with any equivalent undergraduate degree.
  2. A letter of recommendation from the church organization presently employing the applicant. If the applicant is not currently employed by a church organization, then the letter of recommendation should come from the local church board where the applicant holds membership, or from the theological faculty of the institution granting the prerequisite degree.
  3. Demonstrated English proficiency (see Admissions).

Degree Requirements

  1. Complete 72 semester hours of coursework specified in the program within a maximum of ten years.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of not less than 2.75 for all course work.
  3. Three semester hours of Biblical Hebrew and six semester hours of Biblical Greek at the undergraduate level. If these were not completed during the last three years, a proficiency test must be passed. Any deficiency in biblical languages may be met through the following courses which may also count towards the program requirements: NTST 540 Greek Grammar and OTST 540 Hebrew Grammar.

Credit by Transfer

The maximum credits by transfer and the challenge of courses through proficiency tests cannot exceed eighteen semester hours.


AIIAS is a graduate level institution managed by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists based in Maryland, USA

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