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In order to complete the Master of Divinity - 1 program, the following 24 courses (72 semester hours) or their equivalent must be successfully completed for graduation.

Applied Theology33
CHMN 615
Equipping Ministry
CHMN 640Health Ministry3
CHMN 641Theology and Practice of Worship3
CHMN 645Dynamic Sermon Design and Delivery3
CHMN 679Ministry and the Spiritual Life3
GSEM 608Advanced Methods of Teaching Bible3
LEAD 600Biblical Foundation of Leadership3
MSSN 500
Introduction to Missions
MSSN 540World Religions3
CHMN 665Urban Ministry and Mission3
MSSN 677Growing Disciples and Mission3
Biblical Studies18
NTST 540Greek Grammar3
NTST 560Gospels3
NTST 570The Book of Revelation3
OTST 540Hebrew Grammar
OTST 572The Book of Daniel3
OTST/NTST 612Biblical Hermeneutics3
Theological-Historical Studies18
CHIS 502History of the Reformation and Modern Church3
CHIS 570History of the Adventist Church3
THST 610Revelation, Inspiration and Prophetic Guidance3
THST 612Doctrine of God3
THST 618Doctrine of Salvation3
THST 631
Distinctive Doctrines of the Adventist Church 3
Research and Writing
GSEM 600Applied Theology Research and Writing
Total Semester Hours72

See the Academic Bulletin for more details on Theological Seminary Policies and Guidelines.


AIIAS is a graduate level institution managed by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists based in Maryland, USA

Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
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