Service Learning Requirement

Starting Academic Bulletin 2010-2012, service learning will be required of all students in the Graduate School, regardless of the degree program they are in.

The purpose of this new requirement is to develop leaders who are of service to both the community and the Adventist Church. Because purely academic work does not always integrate leadership or service opportunities, the Graduate School has included Service Learning as a graduation requirement for all students.


The Service Learning requirement

  1. Consists of 100 hours spent in community service in several activities or a single activity that is continued over a long period of time.
  2. Must be completed, as any other course, before graduation requirements are considered met.
  3. Is student initiated and coordinated; hence, each student may select or design activities that will contribute toward their professional/personal development in consultation with their program director.
  4. Does not require registration or tuition fees.

Possible Service Learning Activities

As mentioned earlier, the principle behind service learning is to provide students experiences that will contribute toward their professional/personal development through service. Any form of voluntary service to the church or the larger community will be acceptable provided students do not receive payment or academic credit for the activity. The following are possible ways of giving service to the community:

  1. Educational ministry: conducting literacy classes, tutoring, volunteering in a school
  2. Prison ministry: providing spiritual, educational, or social needs, teaching livelihood skills
  3. Church ministries: evangelistic outreach, Sabbath School teaching, Pathfinder leadership
  4. Professional community seminars/training
  5. Volunteer service at an NGO, medical center, or school
  6. Others


Service Learning activities should begin early in a student’s AIIAS career, and need to be documented at/near the time of occurrence. Online students should take note of the following steps in fulfilling this requirement:

  1. Look for a possible service learning opportunity at or near your vicinity. Inform your Program Director, through email, of your chosen activity and seek an approval.
  2. Ask permission from the person in charge of the activity/facility and describe the service(s) you are willing to offer and the amount of time you want to commit. If given permission, give the Service Learning Time Log [pdf] to the person in charge for signature and comments at the end of the activity (see step 5 below).
  3. Perform your service learning activity based on agreed schedule, taking evidences like photos, if possible.
  4. Prepare your e-portfolio through your personal blog in your Profile page at the AIIAS Online learning environment. To access your Profile page, login through AIIAS Online, then click your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page that opens. Your blog is one of the tabs at the top of your Profile page.
  5. Document your service learning activity by posting the following info in your e-portfolio: (a) name of activity, (b) place, date, and time, (c) description, (d) photos, and (e) comments or reflections. The description of the activity shows the actual service(s) done by the student. The comments or reflections essay show why you chose these activities, what was learned from them, and how you have grown professionally through those experiences. This essay may be around 400 words in length.
  6. After every service learning activity, the student should ask the person in charge to fill-in the Service Learning Time Log [pdf]. This form is important to verify the hours and service rendered. Contents of this form should match those in your e-portfolio. This form should be scanned and emailed to AIIAS Online ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) as soon as the activity is finished. Your respective Program Directors are monitoring your activities and, upon completion, present a report to the department chair to record the fulfillment of the requirement. Once it is approved, an e-mail from the department chair to the Office of Admissions and Records will document the completion and allow it to be entered into the academic records system.

NOTE: Service Learning is a requirement for students who are admitted under the 2010-2012 Bulletin and beyond. Students who were admitted under earlier bulletins may participate if they are also willing to serve others as part of their professional lives.


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