Public Health Philosophy

The philosophy of the Public Health Department derives from the health perspectives of biblical Christianity. Humans are whole beings with physical, emotional, social, ecological, and spiritual dimensions, who are created and redeemed as whole persons. Health, disease, and healing dynamics are determined to a large extent by adherence or nonadherence to God’s moral and natural laws. Redemption by Jesus Christ brings healing and transformation of lifestyles for longer and higher quality of life. Scientific inquiry is embraced as a contemporary and effective tool to achieve these ideals.

Public Health Mission

To equip health professionals to serve and transform society through evidence-based health promotion and Adventist lifestyle principles.

Public Health Vision

Faculty and graduates known for exemplary lifestyles, professionalism in service, and dedication to the promotion of Christian health values.

Public Health Professional Competencies

The MPH graduate

  1. Has expertise and leadership, together with community, to assess, plan, develop and evaluate health promotion interventions.
  2. Develops and implements lifestyle improvement programs through evidence-based and innovative health behavior change strategies.
  3. Conducts health research and disease surveillance and control.
  4. Recognizes social and ecological determinants of health and develops appropriate community based health improvement programs.
  5. Maintains preparedness for environmental emergencies and employs effective disaster management strategies.
  6. Is skilled in addressing health issues throughout the life cycle.
  7. Integrates scientific knowledge, wholeness and spirituality to improve quality and quantity of life.
Public Health Motto
Online Program Director

Hilario dela Torre, DrPH


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