Future Employment Opportunities

In the rather new arena of Public Health, the academic and experiential backgrounds of its professionals are extremely broad. This is true also in the applications of the MPH degree. There are few "set job descriptions" for public health professionals. It should be noted that a future employer will not only look at the degree, but also at the personality and social skills as well as the professional background of the MPH graduate.

The fields that an MPH graduate may be employed in may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Health and Social Services; Employment by: Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Industry (product promotion, health product industry, e.g., computerized screening programs), Hospitals (patient health education, preventive services), Churches (Department of Public Health or local church-bases programs).
  2. Relief and Development Activities: Government and Non-Governement Organizations (Adventist Development and Relief Agency - ADRA, World Vision).
  3. Research: Schools, hospitals, industry, government.
  4. Teaching: Universities, schools, industry, NGOs.
  5. Law and Policy Enforcement: Government agencies.
  6. Advocacy (e.g., smoking reduction policies): Government, churches, advocacy groups.
  7. Health Care Provider (preventive care): Self-employment as a consultant in cooperation with other health professionals in a group setting.
  8. Publishing: Publishing house (e.g., Editor of a health magazine like Life and Health).
  9. Administration: In universities, hospitals, churches (e.g., health department of the Adventist Church).
  10. Social and Religious Services: Church health services as part of the offered spectrum of programs (e.g., pastor evangelist in the Adventist Church).

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