Participating in Forum Discussions

When viewing the forum discussion, you will see each member’s posts (messages) in nested form meaning that replies are indented. Each post that is in a level of indentation is a reply to a post which is less indented. There could be several levels of indentations depending on the replies.


There are only two links visible to you on the bottom-right portion of each post – Reply and Show parent. To reply to your teacher’s or classmate’s click the “Reply” link of the post you want to reply to.



Clicking “Reply” will bring you to the screen in the image below. This is where you create your reply message. You will have to fill out all fields with a red asterisk – the Subject Field and the Message Field. The Subject field is automatically filled out with ‘Re:’ (for reply) followed by the Topic Subject (in this case Forum 1A) to make “Re: Forum 1A”. You could change the Subject Title if you want to.

The body of your message is entered into the text field on the Message Field. The text field comes with several tools for text editing such as bold, align, text color, etc.





After you’ve completed your message, click the “Post to forum” button at the bottom. You could also include attachments by filling out the Attachment Field by clicking the “Browse” button beside the textbox.

After clicking the “Post to forum” you will come to the screen below. Clicking on the “Continue” link will send you back to the Discussion.