Submitting an Assignment

Assignment Submissions (Dropbox) can be identified by this icon -  . Links and instructions for assignments can be found in the Learning Activities portion of each unit. To submit an assignment, follow the instructions below:

1. After typing and editing your assignment in Microsoft Word or your favorite word processor, save it in your computer.

2. Access the Submission page by either clicking the assignment’s link in the Course Main Page or clicking the assignment’s link in the Learning Activities.

3. Click Add submission when you are ready to submit your assignment




4. In the Submission page, click the “add” button to locate the upper left corner of the submission box.

A Filepicker window will open.

  1. Select Upload a file on the left
  2. Click Browse in Attachment and locate your file
  3. Click Open when you have selected your file
  4. Click Upload this file




OR you can drag and drop your file to the area in the file submission page.


5. Click the “Upload this file” button. Your file should show up under Submission draft

6. When your submission is final, click the “Submit assignment” button. Warning: Do not click “submit assignment” unless your submission is final. Changes (deleting, resubmitting) cannot be made once submission has been submitted or has been graded.