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A course focusing on the investing and financing activities of a corporation.

Research Methods

Fundamental processes of research. This course introduces students to the terminology, methods, and tools of scholarly research.

Action Research

Theory, concepts, and practice of action research. The process is a disciplinary inquiry carried out by and for those practitioners to solve an immediate problem or improve practice.

Public Health Nutrition

A study of the principles of nutritional science and their application to the health of the public throughout the life cycle.

Doctrine of Salvation

A study of the Christian experience of salvation, focusing on the nature and consequences of sin, the meaning and means of salvation, and the relationship between law and grace, justification and sanctification.



AIIAS values excellence. AIIAS prizes continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence are a way of life including high standards as part of devotion to God.


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AIIAS values the beliefs and lifestyle of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, rooted in the Holy Scriptures, which are upheld in the highest regard as inspired and authoritative.