Online Study Options

AIIAS Online offers graduate level courses that can be taken using the following options:

Master’s Degree

Master's degree programs are available in business, education, public health, and theology. Students can choose to combine online and on-campus modalities or finish their programs fully online without coming to AIIAS campus.

Graduate Certificate

AIIAS Graduate Certificate programs consist of selected credits offered in an AIIAS master’s degree program. They require 21 semester credits, and serve the needs of the following individuals:

  1. Those who already have an advanced degree in another area and who desire a second recognized area of concentration.
  2. Those who for any reason are unable to complete the full master’s program.
  3. Those who do not meet admission requirements for a degree program but who desire to upgrade in order to enhance their work performance.

Note: Certificate programs also require a bachelor’s degree and English proficiency.


Graduate students in other universities may take classes at AIIAS for credit to their programs. This requires permission from their home institution, who then requests AIIAS for cross-enrollment. The following are the steps involved:

  1. Check if the course desired is offered at AIIAS Online. Cross enrollment is only possible if the course desired is offered at the time of request.
  2. Submit to AIIAS Registrar (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) an official letter from your school’s Records Office or Registrar with the following information:
    1. Institution’s approval for the student to cross-enroll
    2. Certification of the student’s admission to a graduate program of the institution
    3. English proficiency of the student
  3. Process the registration and payment for the course desired. (See Registration and Payment).
  4. Take orientation on how to study at AIIAS and then attend class. (AIIAS Online assists students on these upon registration).
  5. When the class is completed, AIIAS sends official certification of grade(s) earned to the registrar of the student’s school.

Continuing Education/Personal Development

Individuals who want to earn continuing education units (CEUs) or study for personal development may take graduate classes at AIIAS. In most instances, CEUs for professional recertification require permission from employers.

Individuals who desire to earn credits from the course that is taken for CEU must provide documentary evidence of eligibility for graduate work. They are admitted at AIIAS on a non-degree status.

Those who take graduate classes without any intention to receive credits, either to earn CEU or for personal development, need not show documentary evidence of eligibility for graduate work. They are admitted at AIIAS on a non-credit status.