Online Degree Programs

AIIAS offers graduate-level programs in the fields of business, education, public health, and theology. Online courses can be taken as part of a master’s degree or a graduate certificate, to fulfill continuing education needs, or for personal development (non-degree). The online graduate degrees that are currently being offered include


Master of Business Administration (Emphasis in Business Management)

Master of Science in Administration (Emphasis in Church Administration)

Master of Science in Administration (Emphasis in Management Studies)


Master of Arts in Education (Emphasis in Educational Administration)

Master of Arts in Education (Emphasis in Curriculum & Instruction)

Master of Arts in Education (Emphasis in TESOL)

Public Health

Master of Public Health (Emphasis in Health Promotion)


Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Master of Ministry (MMin)


Graduate certificates (21 credits) are also offered in Business, Education, Ministry, and Public Health for those who want to take a shorter graduate level program. 

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Graduate Certificate in Education

Graduate Certificate in Public Health

Graduate Certificate in Ministry

Choose the program that fits your interest and career plans.  APPLY NOW