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Welcome to the world of online learning! Indeed, quality education is no longer beyond your reach. But before embarking on this mode of education, here are some basic information that you need to know about online learning at AIIAS. The aim of this section is to give you an overall view of this modality and answer the commonly asked questions by applicants.


Online learning has its peculiar ways of delivering education and thus calls for different ways of learning, compared to traditional classroom instruction. However, the increasing use of the Internet and computer technologies in this digital age has made online learning easy to learn and embrace. To succeed in this modality, all you need to be sure is to answer the following questions positively:

  • Am I self-motivated in my learning?

    Online learning calls for a high degree of self-directed learning. This is in exchange for the flexibility it affords learners who want to study at their own pace, time, and place. Although an online course may not be fully self-paced because of course schedules and deadlines, the decision to participate is always a personal choice. As in any graduate level course, much of the students’ success comes through personal decision to learn through deep research, reflective reading, interaction with other members of the class, and careful study of the materials provided by the instructors who act as facilitators to their learning. It is therefore expected that students who enroll in online courses must be self-directed and deeply motivated to study and finish the course requirements according to class schedule.

  • Can I commit a block of time for study each week?

    Mixing study, family, and work responsibilities at the same time needs a strong level of commitment. It is impossible to succeed online without committing a regular study time each week. Frequent postponement of study schedules could be disastrous. It is suggested that a specified time and/or day within a week be set aside solely for study.

  • Am I comfortable interacting with professors and classmates from a distance?

    AIIAS prides itself of a highly multicultural classroom environment, with students in many countries around the world, thus creating rich interactions and professional linkages among participants. Classes are, therefore, fully online which means all class interactions are from a distance, either real time (synchronous) or delayed time (asynchronous).

  • Do I have reliable Internet access?

    Course access is through the web so having a reliable Internet access is a must.
  • Virtual and interactive classes

    Online learning utilizes the Internet to create virtual classrooms that provide instructional content as well as student-centered learning experiences. Course participants access course syllabi, announcements, and course materials online, while engaging in an array of interactive learning activities—such as online forums, videoconferencing, and team-based projects—that facilitate frequent student-teacher and student-student interaction.

  • Flexible weekly modules

    Although class participants begin and end a subject together and progress through the major topics on a week by week basis, they are generally not required to be online at a specific time. Rather, students sign in and participate at times convenient to them, within the given time frame of the weekly course modules. Courses are generally structured for a duration of 9-10 weeks.

  • Varied and contextualized learning experiences

    Course requirements typically include a number of the following: readings, participation in class discussions, case studies, exercises, position papers, reports of fieldwork, collaborative projects, research activities, and examination. In addition, contextualized application of theories learned is supported as students fulfill course requirements in their workplace.

In essence, online graduate programs at AIIAS Online utilize the richness of today's communication technology to enhance learning at a distance. This enables the student to widen professional linkages beyond geographic and cultural boundaries.

Assessment procedures in online courses can be in the form of assignments, case studies, research projects, online discussions, and examinations. Online discussions consist of student-professor and student-student interactions via the discussion board or chat room. Examinations can be online or proctored in a time and place within the student’s vicinity that is specified by AIIAS. In proctored exams, students are required to present government issued identity document (e.g. passport, driver’s license) to the official AIIAS proctor. This document must contain the student’s photograph.

After the grades in various evaluation procedures are posted by the instructor, the course management system automatically computes the grades of the students. A student can then periodically check his/her grade to determine his/her status in the course.

Graduate courses taken at AIIAS or at another recognized or accredited institution (including a graduate-level correspondence program) may be transferred to an AIIAS program if the credit meets all of the required conditions.

(see How to Earn Credits by Transfer)

Courses in each degree program are offered one at a time for a maximum of five to six courses (of three credits each) per year. This is to allow you to concentrate more deeply on each subject area while fulfilling your professional responsibilities. Thus, it could take you 2.5 years to finish a 36-unit master’s degree.

 (see Curriculum under each Programs)

To gain access to a quality education, such as offered by AIIAS, has never been as convenient as now. Through online learning you can enroll without going through the costly process of leaving regular employment and moving residence. The fees to be paid by students are as follows:

Application feea US$ 51 Paid during application
Tuitionb per credit/unit US$ 177 Paid during registration
Registration feec US$ 20 Paid every registration
Proctor's Feed 3.5% of the local wage factor Paid during final exam to proctor

Tuition fee is to be paid in full upon registration for a course. All payments must be made in U.S. dollars, except for those residing in the Philippines who may pay in the local currency. Students may send their payments to AIIAS through various modes of payment.

(see Registration and Payment procedures)

If your application to your desired program of study is approved, you will receive a Notification of Acceptance from the Admissions office. You may now look at the course schedule to see what courses are currently offered and start your enrollment.

(see Registration and Payment procedures)

You will need a decent computer with internet connection. If you could see this website, chances are you could take classes with us.

Some software you will need:

  • An updated Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • An office suite (Microsoft Office, Open0ffice)
  • PDF Reader (Adobe Reader)

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