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AIIAS Online was conceived with YOU in mind—people who are busy yet determined enough to take a forward leap in their professional career; people who not only want to satisfy personal achievement goals but who want to be of greater service to God and humanity! Through online learning, quality education is no longer impossible whenever or wherever you may be, in the office or in the comfort of your home, daytime or night time. Yet, in spite of this flexibility, you can receive the same quality education as any on-campus experience.

But why choose AIIAS? AIIAS is an international institution of higher learning. Its faculty is carefully selected from different countries, bringing with them a rich experience of an international standard. As such, it also caters to students from around the world, regardless of religion, race, or creed. The richness of online resources, the concomitant activities that are done in students’ strategic localities, and the interactions and sharing with students of varied nationalities make up the curriculum of an online course in AIIAS. Indeed, the characteristics of its classes reflect a truly wholistic Christian education.

So decide NOW! Take control of your career and life through e-Education! Send us an e-mail or APPLY NOW!

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