Why AIIAS Online?

AIIAS Online is conceived to widen the reach of graduate-level Christian education beyond geographic limits. Its fully online programs utilize current and globally accepted online learning standards that assure learning at its best. Here are the characteristics of its online classes, making AIIAS Online your best choice for your online study:

  1. To cater to the needs of the working adults, online courses can be studied at flexible times within course deadlines, anytime and anywhere there is Internet access.
  2. To provide for real time experiences, online classes utilize videoconferencing that are geared towards improving student connectivity and teacher presence. 
  3. To build learning communities, online classes are designed to be interactive through discussion forums.
  4. To maximize student engagement, learning activities are designed for active participation by students and are learner-centered.
  5. To address the interest of students, course content and projects are contextualized, with direct community application.  
  6. To make sure that God is in the center of every class activity, online classes begin with God’s Word, written with a Christian worldview, and utilize mission-oriented class activities.
  7. To fully experience Christian education in a wider school level, AIIAS Online organizes a school-wide Online Week of Prayer every year, in addition to online spiritual retreats and online chapels that are organized by some classes.
  8. To ensure excellence and academic quality, online courses are peer reviewed and are evaluated using globally accepted standards of online education.
  9. AIIAS Online makes sure that its world class Christian education is the most affordable and accessible globally.
  10. As such, it has now served students in more than 70 countries around the world, making every class a truly multicultural environment.  

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