What Will it Cost?

Financial Requirements

The cost of studying online at AIIAS is maintained to be as affordable as possible to most international students. To simplify computation, it only includes tuition fee, registration fee, and an evaluation administrative fee for proctored exams. The only other expense is a one-time application fee that should have been paid at the time of application. Basic fees are shown as follows:


Cost (US$)*

Application fee (one-time)


Tuition fee (per credit)


Registration fee (per enrollment)


Evaluation admin fee (per exam)

Depends on location

*As of SY 2017-2018

Courses range from 2 to 3 credits each. There are typically 5 courses offered in one year. Students can have the option to enroll per course or more to save on registration fee. For more details on the total cost of specific programs, please email Marichell Galupo at online @ aiias.edu.

Financial Assistance

Students who want to have discounts in tuition fees may avail of promotional programs, group tuition rates, and scholarships. Discounts given for promotional purposes are announced by AIIAS Online occasionally. Group tuition rates are available for Adventist church workers who enroll as a group of not less than three (3) students. The group discount ranges from 15% to as high as 60% of the tuition fee. Scholarships are not yet available but plans are in place for implementation of a scholarship program in the near future.

Sponsor a Missionary

Many missionaries in various parts of the world are expressing interest to upgrade online so that they can be best equipped to address the needs of the people they serve. Their financial resources are, however, limited. We are then appealing for donors who would like to sponsor missionaries to advance their education at AIIAS. If you would like to sponsor a missionary, visit Give to AIIAS.

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