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PHFN 625 Maternal-Child Health and Family Planning

Preventive and therapeutic concepts of maternal and child health including reproductive physiology, prenatal and neonatal care, and child growth and development to lower the burden of disease among women and children. Concepts on planned parenthood and contraceptive technologies together with their moral, social, cultural, political, and ethical implications. Maternal and child health issues are also studied in terms of their social and environmental causes, and their impacts on life prospects and on the social and economic welfare and development of the family, community and nation. Successful maternal and child health programs are discussed.

Units: 3


Graduate students:

  • MPH

This course may also be taken by

  • Health professionals for continuing education
  • Health professionals as non-degree course for professional development
  • Graduate students of other schools as transfer credit


Each student is expected to spend at least an additional two hours per day reading, studying and completing assignments. Another four hours will be spent for actual field work field work.



Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

Course Objectives

Alignment with Program Competencies

1. Promote safe pregnancy.

3, 4, 5

2. Find strategies on how to prevent major causes of mortality and morbidity among women of reproductive age.

1,2, 3,4

3. Know the leading causes of maternal mortality and morbidity and its measures to prevent it within the context of a given culture and socio-political system.


4. Implement a health teaching plan to a pregnant woman and a mother with children below 5 years old. Conduct at least 5 sessions

6, 5

5. To study some established MCH programs that were found to be effective and be can be applied to the students local setting.


6. Develop a concise public health awareness on MCH issues through media by creating 2 educational video (10 minute per session). One will be related to maternal issues and one from childhood issues.

10, 11



Week 1

Maternal and Child Health: An overview

Week 2

Women's Health (General Concerns)

Week 3

Woman’s Health (Preconception)

Week 4

Women’s Health: Conception

Week 5

Women’s Health: Postpartum

Week 6

Responsible parenthood

Week 7

Child Growth and Development: Neonatal Period

Week 8

Child Growth and Development: Early Childhood

Week 9 Specific Disease Concerns of the Under five children





DR. EVELYN ALMOCERA is a medical doctor and serves as the AIIAS school physician. She is a certified school health consultant by the Philippine Academy of Physicians in School Health and a member of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians.  She serves as an associate professor in the Department of Public Health at AIIAS. She has taught courses on school and adolescent health, maternal-child health, health ministries, anatomy and physiology and other courses related to human health issues.