MSSN 577 Growing Disciples and Mission

An exploration of the biblical basis for the organic reproduction of disciples and mission in both the Old and New Testament, and how God grows the church by growing people. Emphasis will be given throughout the course on practical principles which will inform and empower the local church pastor to grow new and established members in discipleship and mission.

Units: 3



  • Graduate students:
    • MDiv (core course)
    • MMin (core course)
  • This course may also be taken by
    • AIIAS on-campus seminary students
    • Pastors and missionaries for continuing education or non-degree course
    • Graduate students of other schools as transfer credit


Minimum of 3 hours per week.




Upon completion of this course, the students would have:

  • Developed a biblical understanding of evangelism and discipleship.
  • Studied different models of discipleship.
  • Acquired the skills to develop an effective discipleship growth plan for a local church.
  • Reflected upon current pastoral discipleship practices.
  • Experienced how to develop a series of Growth Bible lessons for church members.
  • Developed study habits that will make the student an effective nurturer, mentor and mobilizer of disciple-making disciples.



Week 1 Biblical Foundations of Discipleship – The Great Commission Mandate
Week 2

Evangelism and Discipleship

Week 3 Assessment & Growth Materials
Week 4 Discipleship & Spiritual Disciplines
Week 5 Small Groups & Disciple-making
Week 6 Discipleship & Spiritual Warfare
Week 7 Worship Services & Discipleship
Week 8 Developing Disciple-making Disciples




Maila Dizon, PhD in process

Maila Dizon serves as an adjunct professor at Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS). She is currently in the process of completing her Doctor of Missiology at Andrews University, Michigan, USA.




Abner Dizon, PhD

Abner P. Dizon currently serves as Assistant Professor of World Mission and Islamic Studies at the Theological Seminary at Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS). He is also the program director for Masters of Ministry. 


Jim Park, PhD

Dr. Jim Park served as Associate Professor of the Theological Seminary at AIIAS for several years. As a seasoned professor and an experienced pastor, he has been involved in discipleship, church growth and missions.