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NTST 560/660 Gospels

A study of the four Gospels, including introductory issues, the theology of each Gospel, analysis and exposition of selected passages, and consideration of the essence of the gospel message for the Church.

Units: 3


Graduate students:

  • Mmin
  • MDiv

This course may also be taken by

  • Pastors for continuing education
  • Pastors as non-degree course for professional development
  • Graduate students of other schools as transfer credit


At least 2-3 hours/day for approximately 2 months



Upon completion of this course, the students would have:

  • Analyze scholarly views on the origin of the Gospels
  • Determine key theological themes in any Gospel periscope.
  • Effectively analyze and interpret texts in a way that is faithful to the text and builds faith.
  • Appreciate the life and ministry of Jesus.
  • Apply constructively the skills gained in theological discourse. Reflect the character of Jesus Christ



Week 1

Introduction to the Gospels

Week 2

Synoptic Relations

Week 3

Timeline of the Life of Jesus

Week 4 

The Kingdom of God the Ministry of Jesus

Week 5

Sabbath Controversies in the Gospels

Week 6

The Gospel to the Weak

Week 7

Teaching and Healing in the Gospel of Mark

Week 8

Proclamation and Discipleship





Oswell Dzairo, PhD Candidate

Pastor Oswell Dzvairo hails from the country of Zimbabwe, where he served as a Pastor for more than 10 years. He is currently pursuing his PhD in New Testament at AIIAS. I completed his B.A Degree at Solusi University and his Maters in Pastoral Theology at the Adventist University of Africa in Kenya. He and his wife, Alice are blessed with three kids who are currently studying at AIIAS Junior Academy. His interests are in the field of biblical studies, Greek language, New Testament, Christology and other interesting topics in the New testament.



Kim Papaioannou, PhD

Dr. Kim Papaioannou has been a seasoned Pastor, educator, administrator in different countries for several years. He is now serving his own country, Greece. His expertise in the field of biblical studies has greatly impacted many Seminary students at AIIAS, where he served to teach for many years.


Alfredo G. Agustin Jr., PhD

Dr. Alfredo G. Agustin Jr is currently serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies (FRS) at Asia-Pacific International University (APIU) in Thailand. Prior to that, he served as an associate professor at the Theological Seminary of Adventist International of Advanced Studied (AIIAS) for several years. He comes with more than 25 years of seasoned experience as a field pastor, a university lecturer and an administrator.