Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity is a professional degree designed to prepare and upgrade pastors, Bible workers, and chaplains. It is accredited by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA) and the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA). This program accepts students who hold a baccalaureate degree in religion or another area or a master’s degree in ministry/theology. The minimum duration of the program is two years, plus any time needed to meet prerequisites.


Outcomes  Competencies
Personal and Spiritual
  1. Demonstrates the ability to integrate personal faith & theological learning in the context of ministry
  2. Demonstrates insight & self-knowledge on spiritual practice
  3. Is able to teach, model, & inspire a life of faith that fosters a posture of reverence, gratitude, and desire for truth
  4. Is an example in justice (fairness), compassion (kindness), integrity, (honesty) & service (humility)
Professional Knowledge
  1. Understands biblical principles & is able to apply them to contemporary situations
  2. Recognize & defend the unity & diversity of the Adventist church in consideration of its history, traditions, & distinctive teachings
  3. Is to analyze contemporary theological issues from an Adventist perspective
Christian Commitment
  1. Exercises effective leadership of the church within the context of its communities through teaching, worship, pastoral care, & welfare ministries
  2. Takes responsibility to lead & equip the church to progress by faith despite challenges
  3. Is able to move people to participate in gospel ministry with motivation, enthusiasm, & passion


Admission Requirements

1. Hold a baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution with a minimum GPA of 2.75 (or equivalent).
2. Demonstrated English proficiency.


Have at least 54 semester hours in religion at the undergraduate level or 36 semester hours at the graduate level. All the prerequisite courses need to be done before 50% of the program is completed.

Those who want to accomplish their prerequisites at AIIAS must earn 12 credits from each of the areas of Applied Theology, Biblical Studies, and Theological-Historical Studies.

Applied Theology courses must be the following:

  • CHMN 512 Pastoral Care and Counseling (3)
  • CHMN 545 Dynamic Sermon Design and Delivery (3)
  • CHMN 556 Pastoral Ministry (3)
  • CHMN 558 Ministry Practicum I/II/III (3)

Degree Requirements

1. Complete 72 semester hours of coursework specified in the program within a maximum of eight years excluding the time of completing the prerequisites.
2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of not less than 2.75 for graduation.




In order to complete the Master of Divinity program the following 72 semester hours must be completed.

Program Structure Credits
Applied Theology 30
Biblical Studies 18
Theological-Historical Studies 18
General Courses 6
 Total Credits 72


Applied Theology Credits
Required courses: (15) 
  CHMN 550 Field Evangelism 3
  CHMN 555 Applied Theology Colloquium I 1
  CHMN 579 Ministry and Spiritual Life 3
  CHMN 658 Advanced Church Ministry Practicum I/II 2
  LEAD 510 Biblical Foundations of Leadership and Ethics 3
  MSSN 577 Growing Disciples and Mission 3
Elective Courses (15) 
  One CHMN Course 3
  One LEAD Course 3
  Two MSSN Courses 6
  One CHMN, MSSN or LEAD Course 3
 Total Credits 30


Biblical Studies Credits
Complete the following required course:  
  OTST/NTST 512 Biblical Hermeneutics 3
Complete one of the following courses:  
  OTST 540 Hebrew Grammar 3
  OTST 544 Software-assisted Greek Readings 3
Complete three elective courses as follows:  
  One NTST Course 3
  One NTST Course 3
  One OTST or NTST Course 3
Total Credits 18


Theological-Historical Studies Credits
Complete the following required courses:  
   CHIS 570 History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church 3
   THST 531 Distinctive Doctrines of the Seventh–day Adventist Church 3
Complete the following elective courses:  
  One CHIS Course 3
  Three THST or CHPH Courses 9
Total Credits 18


General Courses Credits
Complete the following required course:  
  GSEM 608 Advanced Methods of Teaching Bible 3
Complete one of the following courses:  
  GSEM 600 Applied Theology Research and Writing 3
  GSEM 630 Documentary Research and Writing 3
Total Credits 6


Total Semester Hours 72


Field Evangelism and Practicum Courses
On-campus students do their practicum and Field Evangelism courses under the direct supervision of the faculty members. They are engaged in ministering to the local churches and practicing different aspects of ministry they have learned in the classroom. The online students do their practicum and Field Evangelism under the supervision of a Church entity with whom the Seminary and the AIIAS Online Office make a specific arrangement and agreement. The details on implementation and evaluation of the courses are elaborated in the course outline.

Based on the student’s ministerial experience the requirements for the Practicum course may differ.

Credit Load
The normal credit load is 15 semester hours per regular semester and 6 semester hours in an intersemester. A student whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.75 will be placed on scholastic probation. Students placed on scholastic probation are limited to 12 semester hours per regular semester or 6 semester hours in the intersemester until the scholastic probation is lifted.

Directed Study
A Directed Study should only be taken in case of a scheduling conflict or to fulfill a special coursework need of the student. A maximum of 9 credits of Directed Study work may be taken in the MDiv program. A student may not use the Directed Study option in place of a core requirement without specific ASAC approval.

Credit by Transfer
The maximum credits by transfer and the challenge of courses through challenge exams may not exceed 18 semester hours for the MDiv program.


Donny Chrissutianto
MDiv Program Director