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Administrative Finance

Basic concepts of accounting and reporting, analysis, and interpretation of financial statement, variance analysis of income statements and expenditure, principles of time value of money, and budgeting, an introduction to costing principles, and issues in strengthening the financial condition of an institution or a business.

International Business Management

Analysis of the nature and scope of international business in the global market economy.

Process of Curriculum

A comprehensive introduction to the components of curriculum development. This course examines the process and product aspects of curriculum for schools.

Current Global Health Issues

An overview of current issues in global health based on the available data and student self-experience.

Hebrew Grammar

This course provides an intensive introduction to the fundamentals of Biblical Hebrew grammar, a practical vocabulary, and practice in the use of language tools.

Doctrine/History of the Sabbath

A biblical and historical survey of the doctrine of the Sabbath from creation to the consummation, with special emphasis on its relationship to the work of God’s remnant people and its eschatological significance.



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