You may be running your own business, serving a business organization, managing a school, church, or any institution . . . our courses are for you, right where you are, at your own time.Be a business leader who is professionally competent, socially responsible and ethically upright to serve organizations in a global setting. 

Programs Offered

Choose from any of the following programs:

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (Emphasis in Business Management)

Master of Science in Administration

Master of Science in Administration (Emphasis in Church Administration)

Master of Science in Administration (Emphasis in Management Studies)

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

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We believe that all business dealings should be characterized by respect, integrity, and stewardship and all managerial undertakings by quality, excellence, and service. In doing so we acknowledge God’s ownership over all resources and recognize our role as His stewards appointed to serve society by using resources responsibly. The business programs at AIIAS seek to help students develop competencies necessary to fulfill the gospel commission and to meet societal needs. These competencies will, in general, contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities in which we live and in particular enhance effectiveness and productivity in organizations where we work.


To prepare business leaders who are professionally competent, socially responsible, and ethically upright to serve organizations in a global setting.


To be the first choice for Adventist Business Education.

Motto: Explore Knowledge, Exercise Belief and Empower People

Professional Competencies

The goal of the business programs at the master’s level is to prepare business leaders who will enhance organizational effectiveness and productivity in both profit and not-for-profit settings. In order to fulfill this goal the graduates of this program will have the following competencies:

  • Principled Leadership and Governance. Provide principled leadership in organizations by visioning, mentoring, and influencing business behavior towards organizational goals and mission.
  • Service Orientation. Incorporate a sense of service orientation in all individual actions, business dealings, and corporate decisions. It means focusing one’s efforts on discovering, and meeting societal needs.
  • Decision Making Skills. Use a broad array of problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking skills to address managerial issues in complex business environments.
  • Interpersonal Skills. Apply effective interpersonal skills such as communication, networking, motivation, empowerment, and team building to create a corporate culture that values people.
  • Strategic Insight. Recognize and create business opportunities in a competitive environment and use one’s knowledge of business functions to address them.
  • Functional Knowledge. Manage (plan, organize, direct and control) effectively the operational functions of marketing, finance, accounting, production, human resource, and information technology.
  • Professional Ethics. Inculcate a shared Seventh-day Adventist worldview that supports the integration of faith, excellence and integrity with one’s profession.

Business Schedule of Course Offerings

Jan 7 - Mar 8 LEAD 610 Biblical Foundations of Leadership and Ethics Dioi Cruz
Mar 18 - May 17 MGMT 610 Organizational Behavior N Nangoy
Jun 3 - Aug 2 FNCE 640 Financial Management E Nasution
Aug 12 - Oct 11 MGMT 612 Human Resource Management K Pondi
Oct 21 - Dec 20 BUAD 635 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making L Ruhupatty
Oct 21 - Feb 28 RESM 520 Academic Writing S Thomas
Jan 6 - Mar 6 BUAD 615 Marketing Management J Tuapin
Mar 16 - May 15 BUIT 660 Management Information Systems  
Jun 1 - Jul 31 ACCT 645 Managerial Accounting and Control  
Aug 10 - Oct 9 MGMT 624 Entrepeneurship  
Oct 19 - Dec 18 RESM 610 Research Methods  
Oct 19 - Dec 18 BUIT 681 E-Marketing  
Jan 11 - Mar 12 MGMT 676 Project Management  
Jan 11 - May 7 RESM 520 Academic Writing  
Mar 22 - May 21 BUAD 691 Strategic Management  
May 31 - Jul 30 LEAD 610 Biblical Foundations of Leadership and Ethics  

*Schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us for more information.

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