Master of Business Administration

The MBA program, with emphases in Business Management, is a 44 semester hour program. It is designed for individuals to develop professional competence, leadership potential, decision making abilities, and interpersonal skills to serve organizations in managerial capacities. The main campus offers a full-time course of study, while DLCs offer scheduling for part-time students. An online MBA is also offered.

Admission Requirements

  1. Hold a four-year baccalaureate degree or its equivalent, with a minimum GPA of 3.00 (four-point scale).
  2. Demonstrated English proficiency.
  1. Demonstrate a solid understanding in each of the following areas:
    • Accounting
    • Economics (Macro- and Microeconomics)
    • Management (Theory and History)
    • Statistics (and Probability)

Most students will meet these prerequisites by earning undergraduate credits with a minimum grade of B in each of the areas. Students may present other relevant documentation to demonstrate satisfactory knowledge in the area. The department will evaluate each student’s application and make the final determination as to whether a prerequisite has been met.

Applicants should note that AIIAS does not regularly offer most of these prerequisites. However, online self-study modules may be available for some of these prerequisites which students can register for on payment of the required fee and complete the module by fulfilling the requirements and by passing the tests and/or exam. Students applying for admission into the MBA program coming from disciplines other than business should have completed more than 50% of the total number of prerequisites required before they will be considered for admission.

Students who have completed these prerequisites with a grade of less than B from their respective college/s are subject to the following:

a. Enroll in the prerequisite subject in other college/s approved by the Department of Business and receive a minimum grade of B.

b. If the student is able to present evidence of experience related to the prerequisite area for at least three years, he/she may be granted a single opportunity to write a proficiency exam for the prerequisite. If the result is 84% or higher, the prerequisite requirement is considered met.

  1. Students who choose the Information Technology emphasis need to demonstrate a solid working knowledge in the area. Those who have no programming knowledge will be expected to acquire limited proficiency during the program.

  2. If deemed necessary, undergo an interview.

Students must use current information technology such as word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software, and the Internet in their coursework. Proficiency in mathematics is expected and prior knowledge through advanced algebra (pre-calculus) is assumed. Those who initially lack these skills should plan to acquire them early in their program to help ensure their success.


To complete the program and be awarded the degree of Master of Business Administration, the student must satisfactorily meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete a minimum of 44 semester hours according to the curriculum specified below.
  2. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.
  3. All students who have less than one year of full-time work experience must register for and complete BUAD 595 Business Practicum (3 credits) before their second registration.
  4. Students must gain the approval of the business department faculty to complete a thesis as the culminating phase of their MBA if the thesis option is selected as the culminating module.
  5. Complete the Service Learning requirement
  6. Demonstrate the acquisition of the Professional Competencies by building and presenting an e-portfolio.


The curriculum of the MBA degree is made up of 44 semester hours of coursework as explained below. To be awarded the degree the student must satisfactorily meet the following requirements:

Program Structure Credits
Thesis Option Non-Thesis Option
Core 26 26
Emphasis 09 12
Culminating Phase 09 06
Research Methods (3) (3)
†Thesis (6)  
†Project   (3)
Total 44 44

† The thesis (6 credits) and the projects (3 credits) must be in the area of emphasis

Core Courses Credits

Complete the following eight courses: 

   ACCT 645 Managerial Accounting and Control 3
   BUAD 615 Marketing Management 3
   BUAD 635 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making 3
   BUIT 660 Management Information Systems 3
   FNCE 640 Financial Management 3
   LEAD 610 Biblical Foundations of Leadership and Ethics 3
   MGMT 610 Organizational Behavior 3

   RESM 520 Academic Writing


Capstone Course:

   BUAD 691 Strategic Management* 3
Total Credits 26

 *Note: BUAD 691 is the capstone course and should be taken at the last opportunity prior to graduation.


Management Emphasis Credits

Take the following three required courses:

   MGMT 612 Human Resource Management 3
   MGMT 624 Entrepreneurship 3

   MGMT 676 Project Management

One of the following courses (only for Project Option) or from any of the other two areas of emphasis:  
   MGMT 602 Managerial Communication 3
   MGMT 626 International Business Management 3
   MGMT 629 Topics in Management 3

   MGMT 692 Fieldwork in Management

Total Credits 9-12


Culminating Phase:  Credits

Select one of the following culminating modalities:

Thesis Option 9

Take the following two required courses:

   BUAD 698 MBA Thesis (6)

   RESM 610 Research Methods


Project Option


Complete the following two required courses:

   BUAD 696 Research Project (3)

   RESM 610 Research Methods


Total Credits



Total semester hours 44