Be a teacher of international quality. Our graduate education programs prepare you to become innovative educational leaders who are committed to service. Our internationally recognized and diverse faculty as well as students from varied cultures worldwide can give you a broad spectrum of experiences in various educational settings.

Achieve that graduate degree right where you are, at your own time. 

Programs Offered

Choose from any of the following programs:

Master of Arts in Education (MA)

with emphasis

Educational Administration Emphasis

Curriculum & Instruction Emphasis

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL)

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Education

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The Education Department believes that

  • Christian educators are agents of change and co-laborers with God in the redemptive and restorative work.
  • Christian educators should be reflective thinkers and practitioner, and lifelong learners who model the character of Jesus while capably serving the needs of humanity.
  • Based on the principles found in God’s Word, knowledge must be critically evaluated and applied to the field of education, integrating current research, and instructional technology.


To develop internationally recognized educational leaders known for spirituality, scholarship, and service.


To be an outstanding model of Adventist graduate education.

Professional Competencies

  1. Service
    1. Is committed to selfless service
    2. Makes a positive difference in the community
  2. Leadership
    1. Practices servant leadership in professional, spiritual, and private life
    2. Provides vision and facilities educational change
    3. Inspires personal growth and change
  3. Scholarship
    1. Engages in and disseminates research
    2. Demonstrates mastery of research-based practices in education
    3. Is committed to lifelong learning
  4. Global Perspective
    1. Works effectively with others
    2. Thinks globally, applies locally
    3. Respects diversity
  5. Thinking
    1. Is proficient in and models 21st century skills
    2. Makes responsible decisions, implements them creatively, and evaluates fairly
  6. Communication
    1. Utilizes current technology for education purposes
    2. Communicates effectively orally and in writing
  7. Spirituality
    1. Reflects the character of Christ
    2. Integrates faith and learning in professional and private life
    3. Incorporates ethical practices



Education Schedule of Course Offerings





Jan 8 - Mar 9

EDCI 620 Foundations of Christian Curriculum

Christian Ekoto
Mar 19 - May 18

EDTE 622 TESOL Methods for Content-Area Reading and Writing

Arceli Rosario 
Mar 19 - May 18

EDAD 674 School Organization and Law

Vincent Peterkin
Jun 4 - Aug 3

EDTE 630 Pragmatics

Safary Wa-Mbaleka
Jun 4 - Aug 3

EDCI 640 Process of Curriculum

Raimond Luntungan
Aug 13 - Oct 12

EDUC 624 Faith and Learning in Christian Education

Alina Dumitrescu
Oct 22 - Dec 21

EDAD 640 Institutional Finance

Eric Nasution
Oct 22 - Dec 21

EDCI 625 Instructional Media

Yaroslav Ovdienko
Oct 22 - Mar 1

EDFN 510 TESOL Teaching Practicum (DIS)

Arceli Rosario / Safary Wa-Mbaleka
Oct 22 - Mar 1

RESM 520 Academic Writing

Sheralee Thomas


Jan 7 - Mar 8

LEAD 610 Biblical Foundations of Leadership and Ethics

 Dioi Cruz
Jan 7 - Mar 8

EDUC 582 Foundations of Christian Curriculum

Marie Claire Mukamazimpaka
Mar 18 - May 17

EDAD 601 Supervision of Instruction

 L Casimiro
Jun 3 - Oct 11

RESM 610 Research Methods

G Saban
Jun 3 - Oct 11

RESM 625 Action Research

W Green
Oct 21 - Dec 20

EDUC 526 Pedagogical Foundations

W & RH Green
Oct 21 - Feb 28

RESM 520 Academic Writing

S Thomas


Jan 6 - Mar 6

EDCI 610 Classroom Management

Jan 6 - Mar 6

EDTE 628 TESOL Methods in Speaking and Listening

Mar 16 - May 15

EDCI 625 Instructional Media